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This FREE TRAINING Shows How You Can Grow A Successful Property Portfolio, Regardless Of How Much Time, Money Or Experience You Have AND How You Can Earn  £40,000-£100,000 Per Annum Tax Free, For Life.

Holiday Inn Stoke on Trent,
Clayton Rd,

21st August 2019

The Great Victoria Hotel,
Bridge Street,

22nd August 2019

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Future events in London, Birmingham, Manchester, Nottingham, Reading, Liverpool, Sheffield, Leeds, Leicester, Cardiff, Hull & Southampton

Session 1:
Ten Key Areas to Master to Become Successful in Property

Over our 20+ years of property experience, we have discovered that there are ten key areas that you MUST MASTER in order to become successful.

In this session we’ll be revealing each of the ten key areas in detail, so you are fully aware of which areas you need to learn or improve on before you can take your investing to the next level.

We’ll also help you realise WHY you want to invest in property, and help you to put together clear achievable goals to take you from where you are today, to where you want to be.  

This unmissable session prepares and sets you up perfectly for session 2 & 3

Session 2: 
Success Leaves Clues - The Five Main Strategies That Consistently Make £100k+ Per Annum and How To Choose The Best One For You

Having interviewed over 50 people who consistently make £100,000+ per annum through property, we have discovered that Success Leaves Clues. Amazingly of the hundreds of different property strategies being taught, all of these people used just one of five easy to learn strategies!

Deciding on the right strategy for you that fits your resources (whether you have money or not) and personality, will give you the confidence and focus to take your investing to the next level in 2019. 

If you've attended other courses and events, and are feeling confused or overwhelmed - then this session is for you.

Session 3: 
How To Safely And Securely Build A £40,000-£100,000 Per Annum Property Portfolio

In this session we'll be revealing the six MUST FOLLOW rules that our clients and we have used over the last two decades. Following these rules GUARANTEES you only ever buy outstanding properties that will perform now and over the long term. These rules have ensured the successful purchase of over 1000 properties to date. 

You will learn how to build an outstanding property team around you so you can build a safe and secure portfolio, learning from others mistakes and maximising your time.  And will also see an example portfolio grown and step by step what you would do to grow an income of £40,000-£100,000 per annum tax free for life.

You will also learn how to be tax efficient with your property investing. How to ensure that the recent clause 24 (mortgage interest rate relief) changes have minimum impact and how to build a portfolio where you take most of your profit paying no tax!

This session is most appropriate for people with over £30,000 cash or equity, to invest in property.

For each of these three sessions we'll be explaining the exact steps you need to take AND we'll also show you real life examples of these strategies in action - along with actual results - so you can go away and implement what you learn.
This Training is For You If...
  • You have money to invest but feel fearful of making mistakes and getting it wrong
  • You're just starting out in property and are confused about which strategy to use and the best way forward
  • You've been to property seminars/training before and are feeling overwhelemed about what to do next
  • You are excited by the idea of creating an income for life for yourself and your loved ones for generations to come
  • You have done some property investing and it has not gone as well as you hoped
  • You have a portfolio of 3-10 properties but have run out of funds and still want to move forward
  • You'd like to fast track your success and learn from the best in an industry to speed up your financial returns
If you've been to 'get rich quick' property events before which were full of sales pitch and not much content (you know the ones I mean), then you'll find this training refreshing and packed full of value. 
By the end of this FREE one day event you'll have discovered:
  • The ten key areas you need to master that GUARANTEE a safe secure property portfolio
  • The Seven Key Rules that ensure you only buy OUTSTANDING property investments and do not make any purchase mistakes
  • The secrets to Highly EFFECTIVE use of other people’s experience and time, including mortgage brokers, solicitors, letting agents, tradespeople, and property sourcers
  • How to make sure you DRASTICALLY DECREASE the risk of any purchase and MASSIVELY INCREASE the upside and the profit
  • How to be tax efficient with your investing so you get to keep as much of the PROFIT as possible
  • How to SAFELY AND SECURELY invest with peace of mind
  • How to choose the best property strategy for your own personal circumstances that fits your own personality
  • How anyone with any level of money, time or experience can grow a successful property portfolio and you can too
Frequently Asked Questions
When and Where?

Stoke-on-Trent 21st August from 6.30pm to 9.15pm (registration starts at 6.00pm, arrive for 6.15pm to get a good seat!)
Venue: Holiday Inn Stoke on Trent,  Clayton Rd, Newcastle-under-Lyme, ST5 4DL 

Bradford 22nd August from 6.30pm to 9.15pm (registration starts at 6.00pm, arrive for 6.15pm to get a good seat!)
Venue: The Great Victoria Hotel,  Bridge Street,  Bradford, BD1 1JX 

What makes you an expert in property?

Aran Curry

Over the last twenty years as well as growing a really successful portfolio for myself and my family, I have helped thousands of people on their property investing journey, through education and done for you services.
• Over 200 properties in my own portfolio
• Since 2007 have helped our clients and investors to buy over 1000 properties
• Helped train over 20,000 people on their investment journey over the past 3 years
• Up to 400 people attend webinars we host fortnightly
• Author of best-selling book The Property Coach

Cheryl Chapman

Cheryl Chapman is a Multi Award Winning International Speaker and Mentor and the Co-Creator of The Find Your WHY Foundation and the co-author of “Find Your WHY, to become frickin’ awesome” and “38 Transformational Lessons” reaching number 1 best seller status in America, Holland, Germany and best seller in the UK.
She has mentored thousands of clients across 5 continents both in groups and individually, in their personal and business lives. She has worked with award winning speakers, authors and business leaders helping them to share their skills and systems to create wealth for themselves and in turn their clients.
This is why she is regarded as one of the most productive trainers in the world.
Cheryl and Aran Curry first met in 2017 where they worked together to create The Safe Secure Portfolio Plan which contains the 10 key areas that you need to master or outsource to get outstanding results in your property investing.
Cheryl is qualified in Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy, Advanced Rapid Transformational Therapy and Neuro Linguistic Practitioner, helping others to create the life they desire to overcome blocks and barriers in their lives.
Her mission to help others to STOP asking why me? And START saying why not me!

Stuart Wright

Over the past twenty years Stuart has created financial freedom by successfully building four separate businesses that operate without him. Two which he has now sold and two which create healthy six figures profits and double digit growth, without him working within them.

As a world class trainer and coach Stuart educates people how to create financial freedom for themselves in the business and property fields. He understands that 80% of an investors world is getting the right mindset in place and then learning the key points of distinction and committing to mastery will take you to financial freedom.
Who will be presenting my event?
Either Stuart, Cheryl or Aran will host your event. 
"What do your attendees think after the event?"

"Ok, this all sounds great, but what kind of results are your attendees getting?"

- Pam Featherstone (10 properties and release income £50,000 per annum)

“Property Insight are a company that does what they say on the tin. You can trust them to do what they say. They have been established for a long time and have massive industry knowledge. I know I can leave them to grow my property portfolio while I focus on my other business interests and my son Zander”

- Glenda Turnbull (8 properties and plan for children and grandchildren – release income £40,000 per annum)

“Property Insight’s integrity, directness, commitment and concerned careful tailoring of their services to our needs are exceptional. We unreservedly recommend everyone to talk to Property Insight before they make any investment planning.”

- Dean Robinson (7 properties and £35000 per annum releases)

“Property Insight have to date obtained me 7 properties at massive discounts, … have had tenants sourced and all have a positive cash flow and are looked after by Property Insight,
I literally don’t have to do a thing.”

Parag Prasad (8 properties and £30,000 per annum releases)

“I’d been searching for a company I could 100% trust to help me execute my property investment goals. Having studied property for 9 years and dabbled as an amateur investor, I knew my goals, but needed to recruit the best team of experts to help me achieve team. PI were that team.”