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How to build a £50K property income in the coming house price crash… even if you’re starting with little time, money or experience!
About the author:
Aran Curry
Aran Curry is a 20-year property veteran with 200 houses in his personal portfolio.

In 2009, Aran set up The Insight Group, a portfolio building company. The Insight Group has bought over 1000 properties for their clients. All bought to Aran’s golden rules.

In addition to building portfolios for successful professionals. Aran also teaches 10,000 ambitious investors a year his step-by-step systems so they can achieve the same life-changing success.

Here’s just a taste of what’s inside…
  • The unholy trinity of risks that will trigger the 2020 house price crash!
  • The 3 critical elements you must have to build a £50K+ property portfolio in 2 years! 
  • ​The true story of a property investor that bought houses without seeing them
  • ​How to build a property portfolio with other people’s money
  • The 30-second tool to raise £100,000 in private finance
  • ​2 ways to structure a deal to buy property with other people’s money
  • ​The 4-sentence sourcing tool to find off-market deals for FREE
  • ​How I sourced 363 properties in 2 months using a 4-sentence tool
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